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prezi Classic view


Animated Multi-purpose template with small blue semi-transparent boxes for Technology related topics.

Launch is an Animated Prezi Classic template with flat design business startup launch concept with a symbol of rocket.

House project - animated Prezi classic template.

Cool zoom in effect to the background with technology circle. The design of presentation is looking visually similar to the futuristic tech interface. The presentation is recommended for topics like new technology, future technology, business technology, HUD, User experience design.

3D background effect when zooming in and moving from one slide to another. Follow dreams is recommended for many topics: peace, romance, dreaming, dreams, self-improvement, tourism and travel, relaxing and calming, paradise.

Great Prezi 3D background effect when zooming in and moving from one slide to another. Change the slides, move them. All shapes are separate and can be moved, resized. Scale and rearrange and don’t lose any quality while zooming in, because all elements are vector based.

Prezi with green semi-transparent circles and white circles as text placeholders for family information. Connect circles together to show relationships between family.


Digital circles concept. Animated & colorful circles in motion. Universal for any kind of topic. With animated background, as long as Prezi supports animated flash files.

Health Care has doctor hands holding 3D heart symbol made from tiny circles. The presentation is recommended for topics like health care and medicine, health care services, health care plan.

Magic of spin has a cool zoom in effect to the background where circles are lined out like a spiral, making an illusion. The design of presentation is looking abstract, but the movement creates an illusion. The presentation is recommended for various topics. Amaze your audience with spinning zoom in movement.

Best for statistics related topic and has red coloured technology circles. The design of presentation includes shadows and red circles. Trick is that you can change the background of circle very easily. The presentation is recommended for topics: statistics, futurism, business, management, sales.

Prezi tutorials

We are creating new and exiting Prezi tutorials about how to change our templates with hope to support all our customers.
Main topics are about changing texts, color, background, slides, images, animations.

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