10 Fun visual and text examples from Prezi presentation that inspire

10 Fun visual and text examples from Prezi presentations that inspire + 7 more.

Constantly adding moreĀ Fun visual and text examples from Prezi into this article if I find some.

Fun visual and text in your presentation could be the key that an audience remember you and presentation long time after its done.If you are digging from the web inspiration and ideas, here you will find 10 fun visual examples that I collected watching hundreds of Prezi Presentations.

A zoom effect in presentation ant text effect that appear, give you a good starting point to grow your inspiration and motivation to make a presentation that will maybe engage your audience more. Finding good visuals and ideas from the web could be interesting or sometimes – hard work.

Sometimes it takes time searching everything that fits perfectly to your presentation topic.

Lot of good presentation templates are in the web showing how to design perfectly. How to arrange objects and visuals so that it overall presentation is looking good. It is all important of course, but a good humor is also important.

Hope these 17 examples will inspire someone to make better presentation.

Road Prezi template

Have you ever seen a road sign that say “please?”

Billboard Prezi template

Asking from computer to take a coffee break. Answer is “No”.

Business steps Prezi Template

Fun with briefcase content. Word “Vodka” is stroked out and replaced with a word “Water”.

Business time Prezi template

Funny conversation with a customer service. Text “How can I help you?”. “I have a business idea, but no time to realize it”. “Tell us your idea and we find someone else to realize it.

Career Plan Prezi Template

Writing family members by importance. The dog and the children share same level of importance.

Connection Prezi template

Freezer is asking to order more food. Should be normal in year 2024.

Diet Plan – Prezi template

Losing weight is harder than climbing the mountain. The presentation suggest that when you will eat nothing you will lose weight. Good advice.

Eco Thinking – Prezi template

Eco train is most economical when it is not moving.

eCommerce Customer Service – Prezi template

Fun with a names. Parrot called Parry nosilence. Customer service guy called Seeu Canihelp.

Future technology prezi template

Men pay a lot of attention to technology and they do not afraid of anything except a wife or a girlfriend reaction when they are coming home very late.

Globe Prezi Template

Nasa spotted an UFO, who was driving by bicycle.

Infographic report Prezi template

Got idea?. No. Still Waiting for inspiration.

Move Mountains Prezi Template

Mountain climber asks to move mountain. And the final slide announces that it is done.

Questions Prezi Template

A fun with asking any questions, smart and silly ones. When will the economy get better. Answers: 2014, 2020, Never.

Ranking Prezi template

There are no fish in the swimming pool.

Square of Time Prezi Template

Need to make a Prezi, but time is running out. Solution 1: Hire an A-Team. Solution 2: run away. There are also other solutions, but you need to watch this Prezi.

World Statistics Prezi Template

Statistics about men and women. Most of women do not think that they are beautiful but most of men does think that they are beautiful.

Prezi CV Template

I was in charge of predicting the future… But could not predict getting fired.

If you spot a presentation with fun visuals or words that creates humorous content, Please contact me.
I Will add your example into this article.


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