How to test animated Prezi template before buying from Preziland?

in fron of a choice

After 2021 Flash is not supported in Prezi . 

Copy this free template, made with flash. From Here

switch back to old player


To see Prezi classic templates, at your Prezi account switch back to Prezi Classic view. Then you will see all Prezis that are made with previous version (known as classic)

switch between Next and classic Prezi


Test the animation by clicking a copy of a presentation.

To activate old Prezi Classic player:

Enable Flash Player in your browser.

enable flash player


To see animation, click switch back to go back to the old viewer.

swich back to old Prezi player

New link on address bar should be like this:


In old version of a you can see a button save a copy of a Prezi (and switch back to editing if want):

nake a copy of Prezi classic template


Same way you can edit and change all other animated templates (technology animated for example):

technology animated

For example this template in action from youtube: