Infographics layout on a dark background. For showing location, information, statistics, bar chart, pie chart. Includes timeline infographic, vector based gray world map. Dark World map with pointer marks. Dark infographics layout for any statistics related topics.

Business mechanism - animated template with colorful gears and semitransparent colorful circles what you can customize. Light background with connected gears and icons for strategy, service, analytics, research, SEO, digital marketing, communicate concepts.

3D labels have colorful horizontal 3D bar graphs floating above the horizon. Colorful 3D bar graphs have various symbols on it. The design of presentation is looking simple. The presentation is recommended for topics: marketing, sales, business, statistics. Copy and paste sample slides.

Prezi has 3D boxes made from cubes arranged like a spiral, an illustration where cube assembling from blocks. Above the illustration is a shadow which makes a feeling like 3D cubes are flowing on air. 3D Boxes are separate elements and can be moved, resized. Zoom in and quality of the box remains great because all shapes are vector based.

has images of 3D shapes made from cubes arranged one above the other, an illustration where cube assembling from blocks. Use 3D cubes to build the blocks for you need, you can move them around and create a unique concept.

With hourglass element. While zooming in the 3D background appear. Use paper style rounded circle elements for your content - headline, subtitle, text, images, videos. Simple and elegant looking light Prezi template. Circle style paper clips are separate elements. You can rearrange and move easily.

Industrial infographics has world map background and machinery symbols like gears and colorful buttons with social symbols. Prezi has a simple design and colorful 3D like buttons, where you can put your content of a slide. Best use for this template is for presenting business data or business statistics which are related to the industry.

With elements: gears, animation, head, woman. Template is great for topics like new idea, process, thinking.

Make a business deal or close a business deal. An image from hand shake. Recommended for topics like the contract, financial transaction, accord, arrangement, compromise, buy. Made from businessman silhouettes. Save free template